Gérard-Philippe Mabillard; Autour d'un Verre de Vin
L'Atelier du Regard; Regard sur la Vigne

"Autour d'une Verre de Vin" is a Gerard-Philippe photografic exhibition of world famous movie and art personnalites, for his book in favor of the Foundation Moi pour Toit.


The second exhibition "Regard sur la vigne" put in honour the photographies as well as a movie produced by the students from the cinema option course Atelier du Regard from the Collège des Creusets. That class is led by prof. Stéphane Marti (photography) and Nicolas Brun (cinema), since more than 10 years at the Collège des Creusets in Sion.

Exhibition from the 17th of May to the 27 of July 2018