Laure Vasconi
Villes de Cinéma

For decades, Laure Vasconi has set her gaze on the cinema studio from Hollywood, Cinecittà, Babelsberg, Bollywood or Moscow.


With her particular aesthic, nor fictional nor documentary, Laure Vasconi succeed with each of her images, also supported by the technical print used*, to bring us in a world tour of "dreams factories" of the twentieth century by remembering us with a bit of wistfulness, perhaps the end of an indistrual and handcraft art.


*All the prints were made by charcoal process at the Atelier Fresson next to Paris, a rare and complex technic invented in 1899 by Théodore-Henri Fresson.

Exhibition from the 6th of October 2018 to the 23 december 2017